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How Smart Is Your Indoor Heating?

Did you know that with a high IQ HVAC system you could be not only more energy efficient, but you could minimize the temperature peaks and valleys often found with the OFF/ON cycle of a single speed or single stage unit? I would say that HVAC system would be seriously smart! Your smart home doesn’t stop with Alexa and automatic lights anymore. These HVAC systems do require a thermostat that will detect the temperature in the home. Some models of HVAC equipment with this smart technology can adjust its own performance without the need of a specific thermostat. This means you can use almost any 24 volt thermostat that you want. Yes! Even one that connects to your virtual assistant smart hub. It is designed to create an intelligent indoor comfort system capable of customizing energy-efficient performance without the thermostat being in full control. Once the indoor temperature is set you do not need to worry about making manual adjustments to your home’s heating and cooling system. AC units have come a long way and it's clear to see that the technology just gets better and better. If you are interested in one of these sophisticated advanced technology HVAC systems make sure you give Bentley Heating and Air Conditioning a call today. We would be happy to come give you an estimate and make sure that your new HVAC system is installed the way that it should be. We are not your average ac repair and HVAC contractor, we go above and beyond for our customers and that means staying on top of the latest technology in HVAC systems. Call Us Today (229)- 247- 8681!

Watch a quick 1 minute video on HOW YOUR HEAT PUMP WORKS:


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