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3 Tips to 'Beat the Heat' this Summer

It's the time of year when HVAC companies find themselves the busiest. Bentley Heating and Air Conditioning would like you to know some tips to avoid getting caught in the middle of the Georgia heat with an ac system that isn't working. Luckily choosing Bentley Heating and Air as your ac repair service technician will save you when you are in those hard predicaments, but it is always good to be prepared and ahead of the issue. We suggest a few things to avoid losing your ac in the heat of the summer.

  • Clear away any debris from your unit.

If your unit is outside, be sure to check around it and clear away any debris. Any grass, twigs, leaves, or other organic material. Take a look inside and clear out any debris that might have gotten caught inside the ac unit.

  • Prevent Pests

Bugs can get caught in the electrical components within your outdoor cooling components. This can cause your ac to malfunction. Spraying pesticide around the base of the unit can help deter them.

  • Checking the Refrigerant

A leaky refrigerant is a common air conditioning issue. You can stay ahead of this issue by checking the levels. Bentley Heating and Air Conditioning can test the tubing that holds the compound. Refrigerant is the lifeblood to your ac unit. A leak in the tube is a common issue. This is just one issue that is checked during a Spring Maintenance that is done annually. This can also cut down on your electrical consumption. We have service plans available so be sure and give us a call today to check your HVAC unit and avoid being stuck in the heat without your ac.


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