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Product Highlight: Daikin Mini Split Systems

Summer calls for projects. You may be working on your landscape, cleaning your pool, or maybe creating a new hangout space to escape your outdoor summer projects and escape the blistering heat. How is it mid-June and it is already this hot? Everyone is trying to get into some cool air. Bentley Heating & Air Conditioning always has your back when it comes to your cooling needs. Beyond being your go-to for ac repair, service, and maintenance, Bentley Heating & Air Conditioning is on the front end of HVAC technology. We are experts in all cooling needs and have seen this summer many people are in need of cooling a single space or an entire home. We have chosen the Daikin Mini Split because we have seen it be truly one of the most efficient and widely popular mini-splits.

If your summer project calls for a man cave or a new she shed, be sure that you are equipped with a cooling system that will not let you down. If your summer project is an entire “barndominium,” the Daikin Mini Split is exactly what you will need! Cooling an entire home. The summer heat is unbearable and the mini splits are an inexpensive way to make the special area one that you, friends, and family can enjoy.

Our Daikin mini-split systems have an indoor and outdoor unit, hence the name mini-split. They are smaller, ductless, and easy to install, but pack a powerful punch of cooling air.

This way you don’t have to worry that your new hang-out space has the ductwork that a traditional air conditioner would require. If you are looking to turn your garage or your attic into a man cave these Daikin mini splits are a must. The beauty of these systems is that they can cool an entire home. That is pretty powerful. You can avoid the headache of ductwork and get your space functional quickly with cool air during this VERY HOT summer.

If you are interested in our Daikin Mini-Split for your next project, Give us a call at 229-247-8681!

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